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Everyone knows about the age old rivalry between cats and dogs and we are usually not surprised when dogs want to chase cats and other small furry animals. Some dogs, however, can live very happily with cats and other little critters without an issue.

So why are some dog’s cool with other animals while others revel in the hunt? Well, it all comes down to prey drive – some dogs have it and some dogs don’t.

In this episode we’ll talk about prey drive so that you can understand when you can work to lesson it and when instinct is just too strong and management is your only option.

In this episode

[1:30]  Happy Birthday Hayley!

[2:40]  How Hayley shaped my life

[5:18]  What breeds typically have the highest prey drive

[7:00]  Nature vs. nurture

[7:24]  How to tell if your dog has a high prey drive

[8:00]  Testing a dog with cats

[10:00]  Helping your dog get along with your cat

[11:47]  Claws help

[12:42]  Setting the stage for dogs and cats to get along

[14:12]  How to help your dog not to fixate

[15:04]  Making other stuff more interesting

[16:16]  Let the cat initiate interaction

[17:46]  Safety first

[18:38]  Socializing the dog and cat together early

[19:21]  Understanding when it’s not going to work

[20:31]  Dogs and squirrels

[21:24]  How to work with dogs and squirrels

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