To your dog every single second is a chance to have some fun. For a dog, life in general, is really all about fun. That’s all your dog wants, and most of his daily agenda is geared around finding cool stuff to do. Once Rover wakes up in the morning and shakes off the night’s sleep, he’s ready and raring to do anything exciting. If he can’t find anything entertaining enough, he’ll make his own fun (often at the expense of your furniture).

The good news is that we humans are looking for some good times as well. Hey, who out there doesn’t want to have fun? So why not have some with your dog. Isn’t that the reason you got a dog in the first place? You wanted a companion to share some fun with. I doubt that anyone would go out and get a dog thinking it would be no fun. So, fun it is!

Let’s never forget that having a dog is fun. In spite of whatever issues or minor problems you dog may have, he’s still fun to be around. Let’s never forget that. I know that I often get caught up in life and lose sight of that simple fact. No matter what kind of day you’re having, fun in your grasp (literally). Reach down, pet your dog and guess what? You’ve got a big hunk of fun in your hands.

I think it’s important to take some time every day and have a moment of fun with your furry pal. Lighten your day, lift your spirits and make your dog very happy. Make up games with your dog, be silly, run around in circles, laugh and be merry with your dog. Be creative and come up with cool, little ways for you and your dog to have a fun moment each and every day. That’s what life is supposed be for a dog – fun. And it’s what life can be for us to . . . lots and lots of fun.

So go have some fun with your dogs right now!

Here is Hayley and I having fun playing one of her favorite games.

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