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The Latest From The FernDog Podcast

FernDog150: How To Achieve More Success As A Dog Trainer

DOGBIZ SERIES - This episode is for all my dog trainer friends. We'll discuss 7 keys to having a successful, long term business as a dog trainer. I'll share with you some of the things that I've done to grow my business over the last ten years to give you some new...

FernDog149: 6 Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn’t Listen

Many people are frustrated and angry at their dogs because they "just don't listen." This common problem is usually less about the dog and more about the situation we put them in. In this episode, I'll show you your dog's perspective and explain exactly why your dog...

FernDog148: Understanding The Dog You Have

So many people are frustrated with their dog's behavior when the dog is just being himself. It's not that they want to misbehave, it's that they are just acting according to their personality characteristics. In this episode, we'll explore how you can better...

FernDog147: Finding The Right Veterinarian

Considering they are responsible for your dogs health and wellbeing, choosing the right veterinarian is a pretty important task. Just like everything else there are good vets and bad ones. This episode will help you determine how to find the absolute best veterinarian...

FernDog146: Why I Don’t Like Fenced In Yards

 This may shock a lot of people out there but I believe that having a fenced in yard increased the chances of behavior issues and I actually don't like them for dogs if used improperly. I know that's hard to understand, considering almost every other dog "authority"...

What Fern’s Clients Are Saying

We can’t emphasize enough how much we love Fern and are so happy to have him as a resource. A friend of a friend mentioned to us that Fern was giving a behavior seminar. As soon-to-be, first time dog owners we enjoyed the seminar and felt very comfortable asking a million questions! Once Eddie came to us we did a private puppy orientation session with Fern, and learned the basics. Fern has a gift with dogs and people and makes both feel very comfortable sharing in very different worlds. Fern remains a valued “go to guy” for all our family’s pups concerns. He instilled in us the importance of early socialization and now at 11-months-old we can safely say we can take Eddie anywhere and put him in any situation with confidence. Thanks again Fern for everything!!

Beth Suckow

FernDog client

Fern not only helped us to train our dogs, he helped to train us as dog owners. All of us, two-legged and four-legged, are better for his thoughtful instruction. Fern understands dogs. We didn’t, but we now have the perfect dog for us, which Fern helped us select. She is a happy, well-behaved dog who is a pleasure to have around. This isn’t an accident; Fern has always given us sensible and amazingly effective advice.

Kate, Timothy and Anne Lemmer

FernDog client

What a wonderful experience I have had with Fern. He shows up to every engagement with a smile on his face. His teaching and understanding of dogs has amazed me. He has helped me have a happy, healthy relationship with my pack. I recommend Fern to everyone I meet.

Joe Keller

FernDog client

Every Day With A Dog Is A Good Day

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