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You’re not enjoying your dog as much as you could be.

I know that’s a bold statement coming from someone who doesn’t know you but I believe it’s true. No matter what stage you’re in with your dog I’m sure there are ways we can make it even better. The more information you get, the more guidance you have, the more stuff your dog learns, the better your life will be with him or her.

Inviting a dog into your world can be wonderful and yet so frustrating. Your dog can make you smile wider than you thought possible as that tail wags to greet you, however your grimace when discovering that your couch has been chewed apart is not so fun.

The truth of the matter is that all the problems that dogs get into are just dogs being dogs. Our job is to teach your dog how to be a dog in this very human world. And that’s our mission here at FernDog.

Helping People

& Dogs

Live Together


Who Is This Fern Guy?

My full name is Fernando Camacho but since about the 6th grade everyone has called me Fern. So here I am now, a grown man named after a plant. Since I was little my life has always revolved around animals and after a number of careers that just weren’t right for me I happened upon dog training and I haven’t looked back since.

Way back in the day I went to college at Seton Hall University and graduated with a communications degree with a minor in advertising art.  After a number of years of searching I finally realized what to spend the rest of my life doing: helping people and dogs.

So in 2008 I got certified in dog behavior and training with the Animal Behavior College and have been doing it full time every since. I began my dog behavior career at a doggie daycare where I spent my days supervising the daily daycare packs and studying the intricacies of canine communication. Then I worked at a holistic pet shop, where I learned about canine nutrition and wellness from Jeff Coltenback.

What Kind of Trainers Are We?

We consider ourselves open minded trainers, in that we don’t subscribe to any one philosophy or training methodology – we’re kind of a mutts. We’ve never met one trainer or learned about one specific training method that we agree with 100%. We are heavily influenced by positive training methods but also believe that focusing on the dog’s state of mind is the most important thing because state of mind always dictates behavior. 

Dog training is not a “one size fits all” kind of thing. Every dog is different, every person is different and every situation is unique. By having experienced and been educated in a variety of training methods We’re able to find the right tools for each individual person and dog.

That’s why we focus on in-home private sessions. It helps us learn about you, your dog and your situation and then customize a treatment plan that is perfect for you.

In addition to all the dog training, Fern is also a popular speaker at live events across the country and is a consultant for dog daycare and boarding businesses, helping them improve everything they do.

We also love to help others achieve their dreams of working with dogs so in 2012 we launched The FernDog Trainer Academy, our online program to becoming a dog trainer.

If you would like to know more about Fern’s training experience and his journey with dogs, listen in to this podcast

Christine came to help us with our new boxer puppy, mainly on how he was with my toddler. I was so worried with how he interacted with her and knew we need to get training in place and quickly. Christine came a few days later and worked with us for a handful of sessions. She would check-in with me during the process and would answer my training questions. She is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and very personable. If you need any dog training help, I strongly encourage you contact her asap.

Wendy Zuluaga

FernDog Client

FernDog Trainer

Christine Gossinger

A life long lover of all animals, Christine started off her career with dogs with her own dog walking/pet sitting business in 2001. She soon expanded to becoming a certified dog trainer with the Animal Behavior College, and then the FernDog Trainer Academy, doing an apprenticeship with Fern. Christine has also worked in dog daycare facilities and is always expanding her skillset. 

“Nothing in the world brings me more satisfaction and joy than helping pet parents create a positive and lasting bond with their dogs. Truly, the moments where parents and pets connect and understand each other are the moments when I know I have the best job in the world.”

When she’s not working, Christine enjoys creating lasting memories with her own fur baby, Bobby, a 2-year-old cocker spaniel, and volunteering with The Unbridled Heroes project, a local wild mustang rescue offering equine therapy programs.

Christine is excellent! She is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Christine was the perfect choice for my Cavalier King Charles puppy. The training tips provided worked immediately and I saw gradual improvement each time I worked with her. Christine continued to check in with me to see how the training was going and to offer any suggestions. Thanks to Christine, my pup Peggy is a well-behaved dog!

Samantha Diorio

FernDog Client

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