The FernDog Trainer Academy

If you’ve every wanted to turn your passion for dogs into a rewarding career as a dog trainer, this is for you. The FDTA is the ultimate online program to creating a successful career as a dog trainer. You’ll learn everything from how to understand dogs and communicate with them effectively, teach them specific skills, treat behavioral problems, as well as, how to deal with clients and structure your new dog training business. 

Program Includes

72 Video Lessons

Easy to understand, absorb and implement video training. 

Written Manual

A full written companion that expands on the video lessons. 

Go At Your Own Pace

Learn when you want to, according to your schedule and desired pace.

Personal Guidance

We’re in this together. I’m always here to help out and answer all your questions. 

Helpful Community

Access to the private Facebook group full of helpful students and graduates all over the world. 

Lifetime Support

Once you finish the program you still get full support and guidance from Fern – forever. 

This program takes all the guesswork out of becoming a dog trainer and shows you exactly how to create a lasting, sustainable career doing what you love.

Here’s What’s Covered Inside The Academy:

I speak on a variety of dog behavior and training topics, as well as business talks for dog professionals and companies. I’ve also spoken to a number of dog rescues and shelters

Here are some of the most popular topics:

Dog CommunicationLearn how dogs communicate with each other and discover how to read dogs and understand what they’re thinking, as well as what actions they are likely to take. It’s very different than we humans communicate and once you learn this, you’ll feel like you’re in the conversation dogs are having. 

Obedience TrainingLearn how to teach dogs the basic commands step by step and how to get more compliance from the dogs and set your clients up for success. You’ll also learn how to teach group classes, including getting all syllabuses, homework sheets and waivers that you can use. And you”ll also see videos of actual classes so you can see how they are done. 

Private Behavior Consuts – Discover how to structure in-home behavioral consultations so that you can best help your clients and run your business smoothly. You’ll learn everything from scheduling to paperwork to how to interact with your clients to make sure you do the best job possible and you clients get the best results. 

Achieving Behavior Change – You’ll learn the foundational things that will improve all dog behavior – regardless of what the issue or situation is – including implementing the proper structure that will have huge ripple effects on a dog’s long term behavior. 

Common ProblemsLearn what the most common issues you’ll be facing as a dog trainer – this is stuff that almost every dog has at some point and you will need to work on with your clients. Things like jumping, chewing, barking, etc… 

Fear & Anxiety – Get a good understanding of why dogs develop fears and exactly how you can help them improve and overcome them to improve their (and their human’s) life in dramatic ways. Shy dogs require a very special training protocol or you can end up making the problem worse. This is my favorite thing to work on and I’ll show you the techniques I use with my clients. 

AggressionLearn how to best work with dogs who are grumpy with people and or dogs, while keeping you safe. I’ll show you how to determine what cases you can improve and what dogs are best not to work with. 

PuppiesLearn everything you need to know about how to train young pups so that they mature into well behaved adult dogs. This is the most important part of a dog’s life and where you can be of the most help to people. We’ll go over everything from house training to socialization to nipping to leaning household rules. 

Working With Different BreedsDifferent kinds of dogs were bred to do different tasks which causes them to exhibit certain behaviors. You’ll learn how each breed affects the dog’s behavior and what you need to consider when working with these dogs so you can the best out of them. 

Starting Your BusinessOnce you’ve soaked up all the great info on dog training and behavior it’s time to launch your dog training business. You’ll learn the step by step process to starting your business and what you need to do in the beginning to start getting clients and making money as a dog trainer. 

Student Feedback

▶️  Complete dog behavior & training instruction

▶️  Video lessons PLUS written manual

▶️  Personal guidance every step of the way

▶️  Lifetime support and help as you need it

▶️  Awesome community of fellow students and graduates

▶️  Certificate upon completion

PLUS Get These Bonus Courses (worth $988)

Learn everything you need to know to create a thriving business that’s around for years. All the dog knowledge in the world won’t make you a successful dog trainer if you don’t know how to run a business.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to properly brand your business
  • How to create a kick butt website
  • How to get your clients to love and refer you
  • How to build business relationships
  • How to market your business in today’s marketplace
  • And so much more . . . 

Normally $497 but you get it for FREE 

Learn the basics of proper canine nutrition, including what foods and treats are good, which ones to avoid and some really helpful supplements that can increase your dog’s daily health and enable them to live longer, happier lives.

You’ll learn:

  • What makes a good food
  • What are the best treats and which ones you should avoid
  • Some supplements that can really improve a dog’s life

A $97 value that you get for FREE

Why do some succeed while others struggle? It’s not rocket science but a specific framework that anyone can learn – if you know how. This course will teach you the exact path to success.

You’ll learn the powerful ways you can stack the deck in your favor so that your success is not only possible but inevitable. You’ll learn how to get your mind and body set up right, how to become super productive and not let failure slow you down.

Sells for $297 but you get it for FREE

Go behind the scenes of some of my dog behavior cases to see real world examples of how to handle both clients and dogs. You’ll learn why the people hired me, what happened during our sessions and see the outcome. 

This will show you how to take the information you’re learning and put it into practice with real dogs and people. 

$97 value that you get for FREE

Join The FernDog Trainer Academy Now For only $997

Or do the payment plan: Just pay $275/month for 4 months

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

There is absolutely NO risk. If you are not thrilled with the Academy for any reason, just send me an email within the first 30 days and I’ll refund your full payment – no questions asked.

“I am so glad I enrolled in the FernDog Trainer Academy! The course was easy to follow and it covers everything you need to know to get started in the dog training world. Fern is a huge help along the way offering tons of advice along with his personal time if needed. The course is always available to you even after graduation, which is great if you need to brush up on a certain subject. I now have the education and the confidence to start my career as a certified dog trainer thanks to the FernDog Trainer Academy!!”

Sandy Sparks, FernDog Graduate

When I started the FernDog Trainer Academy, I already had a dog training certificate from another organization. My decision to further my education with the FernDog Trainer Academy has proven to be invaluable. This program is very easy to understand and has great wealth of knowledge that you will not get anywhere else. I still find myself looking back at the coursework and using it for reference.

Brittany Mangrum

FernDog Graduate

You have no idea what being able to take your course has done for me. I loved your course! There was so much valuable information. I completed each lesson within a day or 2 of getting it because I was so excited. I really appreciate what you do! Even more I appreciate the price which made the beginning of this journey possible for me!

Melissa C.

FernDog Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a certificate?

Yes. Upon completion of the program you’ll receive your very own certificate and be able to use the FernDog Trainer Academy web badge on your website.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever. There’s no rush to finish the program because it’s always here for you, so you can learn at your pace. And you can come back even years later to review the content. PLUS you’ll get free access to all upgrades and bonus added in the future. 

Can I get help if needed during the program?

Yes. I’m only an email away and am dedicated to see you succeed. I don’t have a secretary or assistant – there are no operators – just me. So you will only and always be working with me and I always respond within 24 hours. 

What's my personal dog training style?

I call myself the “mutt” of the dog training world, by which I mean I don’t believe in one training philosophy or methodology 100%. I take bits and pieces of things I like from many training schools of thought and mash them up to create my own unique style. I will say that I am heavily rooted toward positive training techniques because over years of trial and error I’ve found them to work the best and be the most enjoyable for both me and the dogs. 

Join The FernDog Trainer Academy Now For only $997

Or do the payment plan: Just pay $275/month for 4 months

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