Are you the owner of a dog daycare, boarding facility or grooming salon and would like to educate your staff on dog behavior and handling?

Are you struggling with how to best manage, market and grow your dog business in today’s ever changing marketplace?

I have the unique skillset of both dog behavior/training AND how to run a successful small business using the latest resources available. My past experience working in 3 dog daycares and a pet store combined with my knowledge of dog training gives me some powerful tools to help you and your business overcome any challenges you face as well as empower you to avoid trouble and stand out among the competition.

I do full and half day consulting that is customized to your specific needs. I can do individual or group staff training on site at your facility teaching your employees how to best work with the dogs in your care. I can also discuss all kinds of business ideas to better take care of your existing customers as well as bring in new people. Things like email marketing, social media, Facebook ads, building business relationships and how to get your customers to do all your advertising for you.

Contact me to check on my availability and get a consulting quote.

I’ve dealt with many trainers as the owner of a facility in Connecticut. What I found is that they were great at training but didn’t necessarily understand the day care model or philosophy.  Most importantly, they couldn’t help further my staffs knowledge in a pack setting. I attended a conference that Fern presented at and it was like the skies opened up.  It was the “ah ha” moment I had been searching for. He gets it. He teaches in ways you can apply to your setting and opens your eyes to things you never would have picked up on. If you’re looking for someone to work with your team, Fern is your man. He’s THE man.

Kristen Delea

Owner, The Metro Pooch Dog - Dog Daycare & Boarding Facility

Certification In Dog Handling & Behavior

I’ve created a special one day training program that will teach your staff on how to best manage the dogs in your care and better work within your given environment. I’ll work with you staff both as a group as well as individually (depending upon size) to help them better understand how to interact safely with the dogs at your facility.

Upon completion of the training, you’ll receive a certificate to show that your organization has been trained by a dog behavior specialist, which will immediately make your business stand out and help customers trust you.

COST: $4,700

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