Woohoo – Episode 100!!

I’m so excited to be doing this podcast and very grateful to have you along for the ride. In this episode, we’ll celebrate a bit and discuss a very important topic: how we can extend the lives of our dogs.

My Pit Bull, Hayley, turns 15 next month which is really old for a Pit – and she’s doing great. So I want to share what I’ve done over the years that I strongly believe has helped her do so well and extend her lifespan.

In this episode

1:05  Thanks for helping me get to episode 100

2:53  The 5 most dowloaded episodes

6:33  How my dog is aging

13:55  How important is your dog’s diet?

21:20  Dangers of overfeeding

22:17  Two supplements that can make a HUGE difference

26:34  The vaccine dilemma

31:23  The one thing you should do every day to help your dog live longer

34:40  Understanding your dog’s limits


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