Good dogs are not born they are made.

For some dogs it’s an easy process and for some it’s time consuming and exhausting. No matter what kind of dog you start with, however, it’s always a process. One that requires consistent training and proactive effort to help your dog grow up to be well-mannered and happy.

In this real world case study, we’ll hear from Kyra who has been through quite a lot in the two years she’s had her Mastiff Molly. Kyra comes on the show and shares her experiences raising this big pup, that has been anything but smooth. But with patience, experimentation and hard work Molly is turning out to be one heck of a dog.

In this episode

[3:20]  Meet Kyra and Molly

[7:10]  Problems start immediately

[12:15]  Don’t touch my stick

[20:19]  A dog is just being a dog

[25:07]  Trouble in the dog park

[31:41]  Teaching Molly to say hi

[38:50]  To train or to avoid?

[43:20]  People coming in the house

[51:32]  Cheese everywhere!

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