It’s amazing how many ways that dogs help and enrich our lives. We’re used to them being our companions, guardians and helpers but now they are even helping us fight disease.

Scientists have been utilizing dogs to help us better understand how cancer affects us, as well as to troubleshoot possible cures. More impressive is that dogs have the ability to “sniff out” cancer cells making early diagnosis possible. Now scientists are working to use cutting edge technology to replicate this to create early warning tools.

It’s pretty cool stuff and in this episode I chat with Arlene Weintraub about her new book Heal: The Vital Role Of Dogs In The Search For Cancer Cures to tell us all about it.

In this episode

[1:24]  The Dog Rescue Handbook is in print!

[2:21]  My novel is coming soon…..

[4:40]  Who is Arlene Weintraub

[6:24]  The kinds of cancer dogs get

[10:00]  Success stories

[12:30]  Dogs make the best patients

[18:19]  Dogs detecting cancer

[21:37]  Why we can’t have dogs detecting cancer in doctor offices

[25:30]  Where is the technology at now


The Dog Rescue Handbook on Amazon

Heal on Amazon

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