There’s lots of different opinions on whether you should use a crate for your dog. Some people say it’s the best way to help dogs stay out of trouble, while others feel it cruel and unnecessary. So who’s right?

In this episode I’ll go over what a crate really is to your dog and give you all the facts so you can determine if it’s something you should be using with your pooch.

In this episode

[1:19]  Raising the bar on rescue

[2:56]  The truth about dogs

[5:30]  The 2 main kinds of dogs that should be crated

[8:00]  When to get rid of the crate

[9:53]  When you should NEVER use a crate

[11:35]  Making your dog love his crate

[14:00]  The role of exercise

[16:48]  The importance of crating when fostering


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