I’m busy. You’re busy. Everyone’s busy.

That may be true, but your dog doesn’t care. You may be busy but chances are your dog is bored. Dogs require way more exercise and stimulation than they typically get and if they don’t have the necessary daily outlet for their energy, many can become annoying or destructive. It’s our responsibility, as responsible dog parents, to make sure we provide our dogs with everything they need, and they need more exercise. Whatever you’re doing they probably want/need more.

But give our busy schedules how are we supposed to find the time to give our dogs their outlet?

That’s where this episode is going to come in handy for you. Here I’ll go over some great ways you can exercise your dog without putting anything extra on your plate.

In this episode

 1:25  My novel is coming soon!!!

3:31  How important is exercise really

7:13  What kinds of dogs need it the most

8:47  The #1 tool for passive exercise

13:33  Using that desire to chew for good

16:26  Put your dog to work on those walks

20:20  Sending your dog to camp

23:35  FernDog World is coming


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