Every once in a while I hear a story that is so good, I just have to share it and that’s exactly what we have here.

Ryan Graney is the kind of person who cannot ignore a dog a need. After learning that a feral dog was living at an abandoned house she sprang into action to help. What she thought would probably be a quick rescue turned into an almost 2 year ordeal. And it’s quite an amazing story.

There are so many ups and downs to this tale, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and show you how patience and dedication can reward you with some wonderful results.

In this episode

3:42  Who is Ryan Graney

6:09  7 years living outside

13:07  Caught by animal control

17:27  The dog seeks out Ryan

22:45  In the yard

26:50  Surviving tornadoes

35:43  Making the transition inside the house

40:14  Going for her first walk on a leash

46:17  Lessons from the journey


Article about Ryan and Mollybear

Ryan on Instagram

Robyns Nest Animal Rescue

Mollybear - outdoor feral dog

Mollybear then – outdoor feral dog


Mollybear now - happy indoor dog.

Mollybear now – happy indoor dog.

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