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The beginning of your puppy’s life is the most important and there’s a bunch of time sensitive stuff you need to focus on to ensure you pup grows into a happy, well behaved adult dog. In this episode I’m joined by dog trainer and educator, Robin Bennett, who fills us in on the steps to take when you first get your puppy home.

In this episode

[1:41]  My next book – coming soon . . .

[4:20]  Robin Bennett joins the show

[8:44]  Getting prepared for your puppy

[14:22]  How long can you leave your dog alone

[19:55]  The biggest mistake people make

[24:48]  Are puppy classes good?

[29:58]  How long should house training last

[34:00]  How your priorities change over time

[38:01]  Warning signs of trouble

[42:28]  What to do if your puppy growls


Robin’s website

Raising Your Puppy course

My Facebook page (where you can look up my Surviving A Puppy videos)

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