This may shock a lot of people out there but I believe that having a fenced in yard increased the chances of behavior issues and I actually don’t like them for dogs if used improperly.

I know that’s hard to understand, considering almost every other dog “authority” says that a fenced in yard is a plus for having a dog. Take a listen to my reasons and you just might find yourself rethinking that fenced in yard of yours.

In this episode

[1:32]  Pointing the figure at rescues

[4:42]  Exercise? . . . no

[6:24]  Dogs will be dogs – always

[7:58]  The repetitions will hurt you

[10:30]  My encounter with an “undomesticated” dog

[12:00]  The one thing you NEED to do but don’t if you have a fenced in yard

[13:51]  Call I got that proves it all

[16:44]  My plea for rescues

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