We’ve learned quite a lot about dogs over the last 5-10 years and we now know how to take care of them better, make that happier and keep them with us for longer. To help us keep up with all this new info on health and wellness I’ve invited veterinarian Mark Nunez back to the show to share some of the current things going on right now so that we can take the very best are of our dogs.

In this episode

1:24  Thanks for your support

5:16  Who is Mark Nunez

7:00  The changes due to COVID-19

15:12  Biggest issues in health and wellness today

19:22  Brushing your dog’s teeth

30:18  Importance of getting regular bloodwork for your dog

36:04  How to make going to the vet a better experience for your dog


with Mark Nunez Episode 38



Levittown Animal Hospital

Farmingdale Dog and Cat Clinic

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