Do you know what’s in your dog’s food? Is it healthy and really good for your dog?

Believe it or not, most commercial dog foods (especially those you find in pet stores or see commercials for on TV) or not the best choices to feed your dog. Many actually contain harmful ingredients that can greatly effect how your dogs feels daily, as well as even limit his longevity.

The time for trusting a bag of food without looking into what’s really in it are over. Luckily we have a lot of information at our disposal  nowadays and we’ve learned so much in recent years about how to better take care of the dog’s we share our lives with.

To help clear the air on what really is good nutrition for your dog I brought on canine nutrition expert Jeff Coltenback to give us the real story.

In this episode

3:30  How bad are many of the dog food out there

5:52  The shift in dog nutrition over the past 5 years

7:31  The effect of a bad dog food

10:48  What makes up a good food

12:10  Why a raw diet is so good

15:50  The proof is in the poop

17:48  How to feed a raw diet

18:42  The cost of feeding a good diet

20:57  Other good food choices

23:34  Ingredients that are hazardous to your dog – watch out for these!

30:01  How to transition to a new food

37:18  Do puppies need a different kind of food

43:27  Weekly training tip


Jeff’s PDF on canine nutrition including how to transition to a new food

Paradise Pet – Jeff’s holistic pet shop

Jeff’s Facebook page

Freeze Dried Liver – buy on

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