Nothing pulls at your heartstrings like a dog who’s upset that you leave them. Separation Anxiety is a sad and (too common for my liking) problem that many dogs suffer from. It can be a tricky thing to address because often we are part of the problem.

Things we do and the ways we interact with our dogs will affect how they perceive events and shape their behavior – for good and for bad. So it’s very important that we educate ourselves and make sure we do everything we can to help our dogs to love us but not be dependent upon us to feel comfortable.

In this episode I’ll discuss the causes of separation anxiety and ways that you can improve it. I’ll also go over some red flags to look out for that could mean your dog might be on the path to developing it in the future.

In this episode

1:29  What I’m up to over on Youtube

2:31  Common symptoms of separation anxiety

4:12  When anxiety can start

5:28  Warning signs that your dog might be developing separation anxiety

7:50  How we can be contributing to the anxiety

14:09  Is medication helpful

16:31  How to enter and exit your home

20:00  The role of exercise in treating anxiety

21:21  Using food to help the problem

23:45  How practicing stay can improve separation anxiety

28:30  Training tip of the week



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