No matter what kind of dog you have you will always have to do some kind of regular grooming. This is obvious for long haired dogs who require brushing and hair cuts but there’s plenty to do with those short haired dogs too, like clipping nails and bathing.

Many dogs don’t like to be groomed and some get down right nasty about it. That’s why it’s so important to do things the right way so you can make it a good experience for both you and your dog. If you do take some simple steps you can make your dog happily put up with all the maintenance you have to do.

To help us learn some grooming best practices (as well as some trade secrets) I’ve invited professional groomer and dog trainer Sabrina Joens to tell us why, when and how to groom your dog.

In this episode

2:08  Join my on Facebook

5:15  What dogs need to be groomed

8:26  The grooming you should be doing regularly

12:22  Ear maintenance

19:05  How to find a good groomer

25:15  How to make dogs like grooming better

28:01  Making nail trimming easy

35:08  Grooming product recommendations

38:00  How to set dogs up to like grooming

40:07  Sabrina’s worst grooming experience with a dog

43:21  Are mobile groomers good

45:45  Training Tip: how to improve predictable, repetitive behavior issues


Hair of The Dog – Sabrina’s grooming salon

My dog’s nails – could use a little trimming


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