For anyone who has a puppy or plans to get one, here’s something you should always remember: a puppy grows. I know puppies are really, really cute, but when they do things that you don’t want them to do, like chewing your stuffs, they’re not so cute anymore. If you think you’re done training your dog after the puppy stage, well, think again. Training is lifelong. And after the puppy stage then comes the adolescent stage.

Like with humans, adolescence is the phase where there are many things happening in the teen’s life especially in his body. That’s the time when the parents’ patience is really stretched and it’s also the time when the teens need the parents’ understanding the most. That’s pretty much the same with dogs. Dogs go through adolescence too, and in this phase, they need your support.

Listen to this episode as I talked about the proper ways and support to help you get through the teenage phase of your dog.

In this episode

00:49  Special welcome

1:50  Question: How to work with my dog off leash?

7:26  When most time and effort is needed

8:28  The dog’s genetics

11:04  Life with a teenage dog

14:32  Structure

17:18  Focus on something constructive

19:29  Exercise is always good

21:14  Socialization never stops

23:07  Training Tip:  How to Stop Your Dog from Stealing Things Throughout Your House?

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