Vaccines, we all know that our dogs need vaccines. But what kind of vaccines should we get for our dogs? There are many vaccines which are now widely available and it can be confusing for dog owners to choose what vaccines they think suit their dogs.

As a dog owner, it is really important that you educate yourself about dogs health and care. You may have many questions and some of which you may have asked your local vet. Or you probably have hesitations in asking questions to your vet because you think the vet does what he does just for the money and doesn’t really care about your pet’s welfare.

To help us answer some of the most important questions about our pets, I’ve invited a special guest, Dr. Mark Nunez, a veterinarian whose concern is the health and well being of pets. Listen to this episode and know about the right types of vaccines for your dogs and what other problems vaccines do to your pets’ health.

In this episode

2:22  The Great Dog Adventure Club

4:06  Special guest, veterinarian, Dr. Mark Nunez

6:26  What exactly are vaccines?

8:30  When to start vaccination

11:28  Risks of Vaccines

15:01  Why are some vaccines bundled together?

17:53  Vaccine Dosages

20: 24 How often should you get your dog vaccinated?

25:15  Titers

32:40  What the law says

35:18  Lyme Vaccine

37:21  Heartworm pill

45:23  Training Tip: Marking Dogs


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