Puppies are so cute. They look very adorable and cuddly and people just want to play with them all the time. But puppies don’t stay puppies their whole lives. Puppies grow. As a puppies grow it is very important that dog owners raise them well and right.

Pretty much like with training a child, puppy training should start as early as possible. Like what a proverb says, “Train up a child the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Although dogs may forget some of the training you gave him as he grows, he can remember it by training him again. Dogs are intelligent beings. Remember, in getting a dog, training him is lifelong. In this episode, I discuss about raising your puppy right and the primary areas he should be trained on. If you have a puppy or you are getting one, I hope this helps.

In this episode

1:23  Thank you!

1:50  Puppy info

3:00 If we don’t teach dogs

3:49  Best time to start training your puppy

4:48  What you need to remember about puppies in general

7:10  Socialization is important

10:02  Professional vet advice

11:00 Areas of socialization

12:56  Negative socialization can hurt

16:25  Dog daycare

19:50 The most socialized dogs

21:56  Rule for puppies

22:05  You cannot correct or praise what you do not see

25:00 You’re shaping behavior every moment

25:05  Nipping

29:12  Stay calm

29:31  Training Tip:  Dogs and cats

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