My favorite thing to work on is helping dogs with anxiety and fear. I like it because I feel that every day a dog goes through life in an anxious state of mind his quality of life is decreasing, and that makes me sad. Once you help the dog gain confidence his world will open up to new experiences and become tremendously more enjoyable.

The problem is that addressing fear and anxiety is a slow process that can be frustrating at times because it can be hard to see the little baby steps being made. If the issues are left unaddressed the dog never gets better, only worse over time.

In this episode I’ll tell you exactly how you can work with your shy or fearful dog to get them moving in the right direction and becoming more comfortable with anything that makes them uneasy.

In this episode

0:55  Celebrating 50,000 downloads

2:21  Lister question about reactivity when in the car

4:57  Reading body language to see your dog is uncomfortable

6:09  Identify the triggers

6:75  Finding the “sweet spot”

8:57  Deciding what to work on first

11:23  Figuring out if the fear is workable

13:07  Treatment for a fear of people

18:55  Treatment for a dog uncomfortable with other dogs

22:15  Working with environmental fears

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