There are an endless amount of high energy dogs that are quickly labeled as trouble makers and unruly because of their energy and lack of manners. These are not bad dogs, just super high energy pooches that just never learned any manners.

In this edition of the podcast I talk with Roo Yori about his super high energy pit bull Wallace, who started off a crazy shelter dog but with some hard work and training became a disc dog champion and all around great dog at home. Wallace’s story was made famous due to Jim Gorant’s book appropriately titled, Wallace.

In this episode

2:34  Welcome Roo wallace book

3:28  What’s Walace like

4:44  Wallace’s illness

6:51  What Wallace was like in the shelter

12:45  The challenges of shelter life for Wallace

15:18  Finding outlets for Wallace’s energy

24:03  Bad behavior in a home too

25:37  The creation of the spring pole

35:17  A frisbee dog is born

41:38  The reaction to a Pit Bull as a frisbee dog

44:42  Being proactive to get results


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Wallace on Facebook

Wallace the book on Amazon

WOD for Dogs on Facebook

Wallace on Youtube


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