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Come on . . . everybody's doing it.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your feelings are affecting you dog. Dogs are very intuitive and masters at reading others. This fact is sometimes a blessing, however your feeling can actually be contributing to your dog’s issues and greatly limiting your ability to communicate with him.

In this episode I’ll go over what this all means and show you how to use your feelings to have a positive impact on your dog’s behavior.

In this episode

[1:18]  never look back

[3:39]  The contagious nature of your energy

[5:02]  Hayley to the rescue

[9:07]  What dogs respond to

[10:00]  Energy affecting a pack

[12:17]  The consequences of not controlling your emotions

[14:50]  Steps to using your feelings to train your dog

[16:53]  The power of calm

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