In this episode I sit down with Steve Dale, the co-editor of the book Decoding Your Dog to dig through the issues that are really facing those of us living with dogs.

We hit all the hot spots of dogs in this very candid interview. We’ll dive into the book and go over some great ways to make sure you and your dog can stay together happily for years to come.

In this episode

2:30  Hello Steve Dale!

7:30  How pets became Steve’s focus

13:14  The good and bad of Cesar Millan

15:44  The most common issue Steve gets asked about dog behavior

18:00  How the book Decoding Your Dog came about

22:37  Advice from Veterinarian behaviorists

28:15  All dogs need a job

33:40  Enrichment ideas for dogs

39:29  When you need to get to a vet

45:55  Steve online


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