The big problem between dogs and people is that we are speaking two very different languages and neither of us is really understanding the other. As humans, we rely on verbal methods of communication, whereas our canine companions are non verbal. So we both keep talking but very little of our messages are being received as intended.

Now I know your dog is smart and can make many word associations, however he’ll never learn the language of English. So it’s up to us to bridge the gap and learn how to speak in our dog’s language.

The good news is that it’s not the hard if you learn how. And that’s what I’ll be teaching you right here.

In this episode

0:49  All of Fern’s Spanish

1:40  Three cheers for

4:01  The problem between people and dogs

4:49  Does yelling work?

6:42  Can dogs sense fear?

10:30  The impact of eye contact

13:33  How you can use physical presence

14:40  How much discipline is necessary

16:57  The best way to communicate with an anxious dog

18:00 Think like a dog

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