In this episode we’ve got another fun edition of my favorite things for you and your dog. This time we’re talking about what collars, leashes and harnesses I use and recommend.

There’s a lot of confusion as to what is the best leash or harness for walking to keep your dog from pulling and safe for your dog. I’ll give you my honest opinion on what works well so you can try them out with your pooch.

In this episode

1:18  Buying myself a gift

3:18  Simple and best collar

6:00  The best collar for escape artists

8:20  What length is good for a leash

11:00 The only leash to use for dog rescue people

12:29  The harnesses for pulling

14:44  Harness for little dogs

15:30  The leash to help you work on off leash training

16:40  Two harnesses for car safety


Custom embroidered flat collar

Martingale collar

Slip lead by Marine Dog

Easy Walk harness

Freedom harness

Long line training leash

Simply Wag harness

Four Paws car harness

Snoozer Lookout car seat

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