Dogs chew stuff – that’s what they do.

We can’t blame them for that, they’re just being dogs. What we can do is train them to know what’s appropriate to chew on and what they need to keep their teeth off of. And that’s up to us to do.

In this episode I’ll go over why your dog is being destructive and how you can steer his behavior the right way so that you’re creating good habits so that all stuff doesn’t get eaten.

In this episode

1:33  Make Dogs Your Life

3:38  The results of destructive behavior

4:35  Why dogs chew things

7:00  Give your dog direction

9:36  Teaching a dog not to chew your stuff

11:53  Energy used for evil

13:39  Satisfying your dog’s need to chew


FernDog Trainer Academy

Episode 4: How to Better Exercise Your Dog


Bully Stick



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