No matter how much we know or how much we try there will still always be a gap between us and our dogs. We just can’t completely communicate with them because we are two very different species. Unfortunately this can hold us back from being able to help them through some of their issues.

Lucky for us there are some furry helpers available to us that can come to the rescue that can help dogs having some difficulty feel more confident but also make huge impacts in improving the situation. There’s just no one better to communicate and aid a dog like another dog.

Dogs are social animals and thrive when they are with others of their own kind. In this episode I’ll go over how other dogs can help your dog through some behavioral issues.

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In this episode

1:45  A holiday gift idea

3:58  Why dogs can help other dogs

4:59  What are some issues that dogs can help with

6:24  How to use dogs to help

11:35  Case study #1: The scared Pit Bull puppy

15:31  What kinds of dogs are the best helpers

17:26  Case study #2: The dog who feared stairs and doorways

Here’s a quick video of Sandy going up stairs, which was not possible before Ziggy came to the rescue


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