In Person Apprenticeship

The problem with most of the current certification programs is that they are “one size fits all.” But we’re not all the same – you have different goals and might want to focus on certain things that other might not. That’s why I created this program. To provide a more intimate, one-on-one learning curriculum that can be customized to your individual interests, and work on the things you want or need the most.

Personally, I learn more from interaction than reading and testing. Although this program has required reading, and you will learn about the theory and terminology of the industry, there are no written tests. Instead, we will discuss various topics together, making sure that you’re not merely memorize words and phrases, but that you’re understanding the concepts and how to apply them.

We will also be working with dogs together and you will accompany me on some of my behavioral sessions so that you can see how I do everything (from handling the individual dogs to effectively communicating with dog owners). In addition, I will teach you about the business end of things so that you can learn from my mistakes and hit the ground running in your new career.

Since, the program is customized to your individual interests it’s also great for groomers, doggie daycares, and anyone who wants to understand dog behavior and training better. Although I’ve set it up as a four month program its open ended, so that if after you’ve completed your four month course, you still want to learn more, you can continue for as long as you like on a month by month basis.



We create the ideal program based upon your needs and wants.

Individual Attention

You get lots of one-on-one attention and teaching from me.

Hands On Learning

Work with dogs and accompany me on my private sessions.

When I decided I wanted to explore dog training as a career, two trainers I know and admire recommended Fern to me. I called Fern and immediately felt that this was the right course for me. Fern is obviously a talented and successful trainer, but he’s also friendly, accessible, and generous with his time and knowledge. The course work makes sense and is arranged in such a way that, instead of having a list of things-to-do, you’re presented with a knowledge base to build on and develop with Fern and through your own experiences. His mastery of canine body language is eye opening and he taught me to learn from dogs themselves, which goes a long way in being able to assess and address the millions of situations that can arise as a dog trainer. Between the incredible amount of dog-training information he shares, to his advice and guidance on how to start-up a business as a dog trainer, Fern put me on the right path.

Jessica Castellano

FernDog Trainer Academy Graduate

We’ll meet every week for 4 Months (additional months available if interested in continuing) and go over various topics on dog behavior, training and how to run a dog training business. We’ll also take some field trips to work with dogs and get you some hands on training.

Tuition: $7,450

(Monthly payments also available at $1,997/month for 4 months)


  • Once a week meeting for about 2 hours to discuss various topics and work with individual dogs, as well as a few field trips.

  • Books: Each month you’ll get a different book on dog behavior or training.

  • Get to come along on some of my behavior sessions to observe

  • Access to the full online program
  • Certification upon completion

Get Started Today

I was fortunate enough to be able to do the in-person apprenticeship with Fern.  Fern is a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher.  You can tell he has a great love for what he does and is very generous about sharing his knowledge about dogs and business. He is very accessible and supportive and has a genuine interest in your success.  The apprenticeship is set up well and filled with almost anything you need but between his own vast experience and his relationships with a network of great people in the industry, he can personalize this training program to whatever you would need.  It was well worth every penny and every minute I put into it.  

Debra Cilentro

Dog Trainer - Playtime Paws

Fern has been a wealth of information for me.. professionally, financially and spiritually! He is so easy to talk to and his services have been invaluable to me for my own business. Thank you for your availability and most importantly, your kind and no-nonsense approach to being a successful dog trainer!!

Debbie DeCastro

Dog Trainer - Pet Agree Dog Training & Pet Sitting

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