Become a Dog Trainer

How would you like to take your passion for dogs and turn it into a rewarding career?

I’ve always felt that every day with a dog, is a good day. And nothing is more fulfilling than doing work you love and are passionate about. When I chose to become a dog behavior consultant and trainer I discovered that there a number of ways to go about it. The first thing I learned was that the field of dog training is unregulated – meaning that you don’t need any kind of certification to become one. However, to be good and successful you need knowledge, so it’s very advisable to get some sort of education, allowing you to work with confidence and provide the best service you can.

And that’s why I created my own programs to help you get the tools you need to make dogs your life. Whether you’re looking for a full time career or would just like to make some extra money doing something you would really enjoy, I have a program that can fit your needs.

The FernDog Trainer Academy

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