ATTENTION: Fern is no longer doing dog training, however, Christine Gossinger, one of Fern’s long time apprentices and employees is taking over. You can contact Chrisint at 201-259-9705 or

In-Home Consultations

When most people think about getting a dog they imagine walking side by side in the park, sunny afternoons playing fetch in the yard and peaceful evenings curled up together on the couch. Very few imagine being pulled mercilessly down the street, non-stop barking and chewed up belongings. Unfortunately, you are often faced with a number of unexpected behavior problems that quickly eclipse the everyday pleasures that come with sharing your life with a dog.

Most of the time it’s just a simple matter of miscommunication, which can be easily fixed if we just learn to think more like a dog. Now I’m not saying we should start sniffing butts and try to lick those hard to reach places.

No, what we really need to do is to put aside our human way of thinking and try to get inside our dog’s head so we can truly understand why he does what he does. Once you learn to think like a dog and understand the reasons for his behaviors (both good and bad) you will be on your way to having a happy, well-balanced pooch.

A little annoying behavior exhibited by your dog now could very quickly turn into a major problem that could jeopardize your future together. Whether it’s jumping up when people come to the door or major separation anxiety, it’s worth addressing the issue and having a happier, well balanced dog, as well as a more peaceful life together.

We currently do sessions in Bergen and some of Essex County. 

The number one reason why people give up their dog is behavior problems.

How lucky we were to be referred to Fern! From the time our dog Eva was a puppy, Fern has helped to advise us on many behavioral situations and has been a great resource to us, both in class and out. Especially as a first-time dog owner, there is nothing like knowing that you are providing the best environment, experience and training for your dog’s and your happiness in the future. It shows in the many compliments we get on our dog’s disposition and good manners. Fern is a good listener, generous with his knowledge and uses a multi-faceted approach to training. He allows each owner to use their own judgment and comfort level in working with their dog, which we appreciated. We can’t say enough good things about our experience working with Fern.

Heidi and Michael Macalle

FernDog client

In-Home Consultation Options

Single Consultation

About 2 hours long  $245

Private consultations are typically done at your home where we fully analyze and discuss the issues you’re having with your dog. In addition to addressing the problem behaviors that prompted the meeting, I also look your dog’s overall behavior and interactions and then make suggestions on how you can better communicate and live better with your four-legged best friend. It’s a comprehensive session filled with lots of information and techniques to help specific concerns, as well as improve your entire life with your dog.

Multi Session Behavioral Package

Sessions are about 2 hours long

For many issues multiple sessions are needed to follow up, troubleshoot and progress on behavioral problems. Dog training is all repetition and consistency and getting guidance while working on behavior challenges and/or learning new skills really amplifies results.

3 Session Package

$695 (save $40)

*All sessions must be used within 3 months

5 Session Package

$1,075 (save $150)

*All sessions must be used within 3 months

Happy Puppy Package

For pups 6 months of age or younger

3 Sessions: One 2 hour session followed by 2 one hour sessions  $495

*All sessions must be used within 3 months

During our initial session I’ll help you set up your home for your new arrival, tell you what to expect and give you guidance on house training, household rules, socialization with other dogs and children, as well as make recommendations on diet, toys and supplies. Then we use the next two sessions to troubleshoot any issues or difficulties you may be having as well as teach some basic obedience and household manners. If you invest the time and money in your dog when he is a puppy, the result will be a perfect adult dog that will pay you back tenfold in love each and every day.

Adventures into Adolescence

For dog between 1 – 2 years old

3 Sessions: 90 minute sessions  $495

*All sessions must be used within 3 months

Having a teenage dog comes with all the fun of human teens: they push their boundaries, seem to forget things previous taught and don’t listen very well. Although this is perfectly normal and expected during this time in your dog’s life, it requires some extra training to get you back on track and set your dog up to be a great adult. We’ll help you set up the structure your dog needs, teach him some skills that will help him make better choices and show you how you can not only survive the teenage period but enjoy it as well.

Reactive Dog Package

4 one hour sessions $550

*All sessions must be used within 3 months

If your dog is a gets a barky, excited, grumpy or just plain crazy when seeing other dogs on leash this is for you. We’ll work with you and your dog to make sure you have a strong foundation and are communicating effectively with each other. Then, we’ll head out and work on leash working around the distractions of your enviroment or at a park, helping your dog open his mind to another behavior pattern and empowering you with some tools to better control the situation.

Virtual Sessions

1 hour  $150

If you’re located out of our service range, need some guidance but it’s not necessary for us to be there, or just want a quick follow up on the info we’ve already taught you, we can do a virtual video call. We’ll meet via Zoom and go over any issues you’re having and create action items that you can work on with your dog to get you moving in the right direction. This is great if you just need a refresher on what you’ve learned or want to troubleshoot simple isssues. 

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