Surviving A Puppy Video Series

When I first got my puppy, Bowie, I did regular videos on Facebook showing our training and documenting our progress. Here you’ll find a collection of the best of those videos. I hope they help you with your puppy.

Video Index

DAY 1 – Welcoming in my little furball

DAY 2 – – Slowing down feeding – House training troubleshooting – Beginning socialization

DAY 6 – On the road socialization

DAY 7 – Getting Bowie used to the vacuum cleaner

DAY 8 – Dealing with puppy nipping –  More socialization

DAY 10 – Working on impulse control (taking a treat politely)

DAY 11 – Socialization on the road part 2

DAY 12 – Getting tired – Nipping the kids – Unexpected socialization

DAY 14 – Teaching your puppy not to run out the door

DAY 16 – Slowing down his eating at meals – overstimulation

DAY 17 – Teaching your puppy not to beg at the table

DAY 19 – Nipping – Tummy troubles – Puppy troubleshooting

DAY 24 – Keeping your puppy busy

DAY 30 – House training back slides – Loose poop

DAY 32 – Feeding healthy food – Helping diarrhea

DAY 33 – Socializing to environmental stimulus – Overcoming a negative experience

DAY 38 – Preventing and overcoming food aggression (resource guarding)

DAY 39 – Creative ways to exercise your puppy

DAY 41 – Helping your puppy like (or tolerate) taking a bath

Day 42 – The beauty of dog daycare – Experiencing fireworks (4th of July)

DAY 50 – Dealing with puppy burn out – Results of early socialization – The Beagle nose

DAY 58 – Teaching your puppy to walk on a leash

DAY 60 – Teaching your puppy to come when called (and off leash training)

DAY 65 – Digestive issues – Being your dog’s advocate

DAY 95 – Kennel cough – Health concerns

DAY 100 – Lessons learned from the first few months raising a puppy

The Happy Puppy Handbook

This is your guide to helping you raise a healthy, well-balanced puppy. It covers everything you need to know in an easy to read and implement way, complete with house training worksheets, socialization homework and behavior troubleshooting.

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