I think everyone should have a bucket list.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a bucket list is just a list of things that you want to do before you die. Most bucket lists that I have seen are filled with things things that are a little hard to accomplish or will take some time and/or travel to accomplish. For example, on my list I have cage diving with great white sharks, present a TedX talk and be interviewed on national TV.

However, I think the real magic in the bucket list are the more everyday items that are easily attainable. These things can be done right now if you just took the initiate. Some of my list items include learn to play guitar, do 100 pushups in one set and become a black belt.

In addition to being fun to create, bucket lists are also good motivation to do some cool things that can be very satisfying on a number of levels.

Enter Wallace

Last year one of my clients, Jim Gorant, wrote a book called Wallace, which is all about a pit bull who went from a shelter to the frisbee dog champion. As both a dog person and a pit bull guy I was instantly intrigued by Wallace’s story and become a fan (you can get an autographed copy Wallace and Jim’s NY Times best seller, The Lost Dogs, with a $50 donation to my non profit, The FernDog Rescue Foundation. Just go to http://ferndog.org/autographed-books – I really appreciate the support).

wallace bucket listUnfortunately in the summer of 2012 Wallace was diagnosed with cancer. Given the news and not knowing how long they had with Wallace, his awesome human companions created a bucket list for him and immediately set out to achieving everything on the list.

Luckily Wallace has been responding well to treatment and is feeling good so he’s been able to enjoy checking off the items on his bucket list one by one. I, like thousands of other fans, follow his journey through his popular Facebook page – and it looks like he’s having a blast doing all that fun stuff.

Your dog’s list

This got me thinking about my dog, Hayley, who this year turned 12. Although she’s in great physical condition and I’m planning on her sticking around for a number of years still, I thought why wait.

Why wait until she’s ill to set aside some time and do some special things with her? Why not be proactive and create some memories right now?

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m creating Hayley’s bucket list and writing down all the things I want to do with her. As I mentioned the power of the bucket list lies not in the big goals but in the easily obtainable ones, and that’s what Hayley and I will be focusing on.

On our list is simple things like go on a pit bull pack walk, explore some new parks, go to the beach and learn some new tricks. I think her bucket list will give my that kick in the ass do more with her and stop putting of spending quality time with her.

Life is way too short and I for one don’t want to have any regrets when Hayley’s time finally comes.

So I ask you, why wait?

I invite you to make your dog’s bucket list right now, no matter how old your dog is. Make your list, print it out and start doing some fun stuff with your dog right now. It’s a win – win for both you and your dog.

Go make your dog’s bucket list and share a few things on it in the comments. Who knows, maybe we can cross of some things off together.

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